We don’t follow trends,
we set the trend.

The people behind Sitevertising already have more than 10 years’ experience in the entertainment industry. 250,000,000 page views per month, of which 92% are tier 1 countries, makes us a leading player.

We’re aware we have a wide range, and an interesting and relevant audience group. Consumers over 18 years of age who are actually interested, and prepared to spend money. Our aim is to create and supply a fair, open and transparent adult entertainment and exchange network in the Netherlands.

We believe in relevant and successful campaigns, for brands, advertisers, and visitors, to make them think further than the word….pornography. It wouldn’t be necessary for any company, or brand to worry about their reputation. We have a wide range, operate entirely legally and have enormous (creative) possibilities to offer.

“ The sites in our network are a reflection of the demands and needs of the community.

These lead to opportunities, sales and ultimately to profits.”